Mayol Viticultors

The Mayol-Sentís family has been established in the Priorat winemaking region since the settlement charter of Torroja. Their dedication to grape-growing and winemaking was passed down from generation to generation, and in the 19th century they won numerous distinctions and awards at different competitions and exhibitions. After the devastation of Phylloxera,in 20th the family replanted the vineyards and took their harvests to the Cooperatives of Torroja and Gratallops. In recent times, the new generation has got deeply involved again in the wine world. In 2000 they founded the firm Mayol Viticultors and since the 2004 vintage they have been creating quality wines once again.

Mayol Viticultors has the following wine brands on the market:



A red wine from the DOQ Priorat made mainly from the region’s traditional varieties, Grenache and Samsó (Carignan), aged for 12 months in French oak barrels of between 225 and 400 litres. The grapes are meticulously selected by hand. The vines are more than 40 years old (some are even 80) and are grown in the slate ‘llicorella’ soils, a true reflection of the terroir at the centre of this winemaking region. The winery follows a meticulous winemaking process with gentle pressing and the minimum intervention.

This wine pays tribute to the family’s ancestors.

Limited production.

This is an intense, complex, elegant, powerful and full-bodied wine, balanced and typical of the true Priorat, strongly expressive of ripe fruit and with a long, lingering finish.



A white DOQ Priorat wine made mainly from the White Grenache and Macabeu grape varieties. Half the wine is fermented and aged in French oak barrels with the lees, while the other half is fermented in stainless steel tanks. Grapes are selected individually. The vines are between 36 and 40 years old, planted in slate ‘llicorella’ soils. The winery follows a meticulous winemaking process with gentle pressing and the minimum intervention.

Very limited production.

This is an intense, balanced and elegant wine with fresh notes of tropical fruits combined with a sensation of ripeness. It has a fresh, lingering finish.



A red wine from the DOQ Priorat region made mainly from the traditional varieties of Grenache and Samsó (Carignan), aged for four to six months in French oak casks. The vines are between 12 and 20 years old, planted in slate ‘llicorella’ soils.

An intense wine that is highly expressive of ripe fruit with a mineral background, a feeling of fullness in the mouth and a fresh and lingering finish.

Tast de Sensacions (Taste the Sensations)

In 2016, Ricard Mayol embarked on a new project that marked a certain continuity, yet with a different approach, with a group of good friends and qualified colleagues, all wine enthusiasts, with the creation of TAST DE SENSACIONS SL. The company not only markets the DOQ Priorat wines that Mayol Viticultors makes and sells but also other wines from the Priorat and other winemaking regions such as DO Montsant, DO Penedès and DO Cava under the BONTAST brand, expanding its offering to include extra-virgin olive oil from the DOP Siurana region.


Tast de Sensacions has also created its own quality mark, BO.CAT, which guarantees:

- A meticulous artisanal process .
- Rigorous selection of the fruit.
- Exhaustive traceability controls .
- The minimum intervention at the winery.
- The utmost respect for the terroir.
- And care of the natural world and the environment.

This mark represents added value for our products and our commitment to our clients and consumers.


This brand represents a special range of products for distribution in very specific geographical areas or countries.


A quality wine made especially for importers and distributors who are looking for a unique and exclusive wine for their region or country.