About us

Who we are

We are restless individuals, always ready to experience, discover and share new experiences; we would define ourselves as being passionate about creating exciting experiences and sensorial perceptions; we love getting fully involved right from the outset, following up every process so we can offer the world around us something that is deeply visceral and authentic, with the end result of creating products that originate in a land that was also worked by our ancestors, each of which is always designed with a very personal stamp and a unique story behind it.

We boast a dedicated team of friends and colleagues, headed by Ricard Mayol, with proven experience as grape-growers and winemakers, as well as in marketing and internationalization in different sectors and markets.

We have come together to materialize an idea and a project designed for the enjoyment of a job well done, from tending the crops and the winemaking process through to the finishing touches, presentation and launch of these unique, living liquids that we market with the aim of seducing our customers and making them complicit participants in the wonderfully happy moments that are the goal of our endeavours; we aim to be the complement to people’s own good sensations.

Everything we produce is designed for the leisurely accompaniment of those situations that are often unique or special. We use our wines, cavas and top quality olive oils to reach people’s very essence, given that everyone has their our own very unique origin, soul and inner values. We offer up the fruits of our passion with the aim of sharing them with whoever wants to come and try them, in the interests of seeking something authentic that is very far removed from globalization and standardization.

Tast de Sensacions

Tast de Sensacions (Taste the Sensations) is a new concept that is not just based on a business venture but on a mission with some bold objectives, such as facilitating relationships between people through the enjoyment of our products, arousing a sense of unity in warm, relaxed surroundings, helping people to relish moments of personal or business success, and forming part of unforgettable memories.

We create living liquids that are intended for enjoying and will not go unnoticed; which induce optimism by bringing qualitative value and joy when tasting them. These are relational elixirs that should engender an urge to live life to the full and be more daring at decisive moments.

We create them for people who love experimenting and discovering new sensations; they are liquids that insinuate themselves in your life almost without warning to make it more relaxed and more enjoyable, to celebrate life with extra pleasure and affection. We create fruit juices whose characteristics arouse positive reactions and a carefree state of mind which is manifested in the open and sincere desire to enjoy them in the company of friends, companions and colleagues, as a couple or in a group. Sharing them is the key to everything, and that is what we aspire to.

Our wines are also nourishing and very healthy if drunk in moderation. Sometimes they may release deep feelings from the very depths of the individual, who might feel free to express themselves with exceptional honesty, often even further intensifying the pleasure of the senses. In truth, they have something magical about them which engenders the most deep-felt sincerity from those who drink them. They are living products that evolve and change, ideal for those who aim to live life to the full with a certain nonchalance. Being bold is the goal.

We are always selecting grapes from singular vineyards
and also actively seek out unique estates

What we do

We are growers

We own and tend our own vineyards though we are also open to reaching agreements with other grape-growers, always selecting grapes from singular vineyards. We also actively seek out unique, extraordinary and in many cases unknown estates which we help to recover and maintain. The grape-growing and winemaking experience is something we live and experience in first person among our friends and colleagues.

We pay particular attention to the vineyard, its type, its characteristics, the history behind it and the possibilities of the area of origin; our goal is for the terroir to be expressed in every wine.

On some estates we are directly involved in the growing process, while in others we define and monitor the entire process and traceability throughout the year. In every case, we make a meticulous and exhaustive selection of the grapes.

We also carefully tend groves of centuries-old olive trees, mainly of the Arbequina variety.


We are experienced in winemaking and apart from owning our own vineyard we also collaborate with other wineries to make very specific high quality wines with their own stamp. By participating in other wineries as partners, or through agreements to produce wines with a particular profile, we undertake all the control and monitoring of the winemaking process we have inspired, seeking to achieve the best possible result from every vintage.

We also make wines in collaboration with other wineries based on the harvest of specific estates, following procedures geared towards the qualitative results we are looking for.

When it comes to our extra-virgin olive oil, we supervise the entire cultivation cycle of the olive trees through to the selection of the olives and a specific production process, taking particular care over the intensity of the pressing process and the bottling of the end product.


We market our products under the BONTAST brand which guarantees products of excellent quality and a reasonable price so they are within the reach of the many people who will appreciate them. Our marketing strategy is focused primarily on exports.


Our mission to advertise and share our wines, cavas and olive oils with everyone who may be interested in them means that although we have a limited production, we export them worldwide, striving to provide importers and international distributors with solutions aligned with our philosophy of producing authentic, exclusive products.

We have a quality mark that identifies a series of products that form part of the Mediterranean Diet, made using artisan techniques that originate in the land and following a rigorous production and selection process./p>

To importers and distributors we offer a friendly, personalized service along with preferential operating terms, the possibility of attractive discounts and special offers, and most importantly a range of select products that offer excellent value for money.

For specialist stores and restaurants that are recommended to us by trusted distributors or importers, we also offer preferential conditions and benefits.

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